July 18, 2024

Recession and Your Business

Good Morning 

A few weeks ago I wrote about whether we were going to have a recession.  Click here to read it. A few people contacted me about it, stating that they don’t think we will have one. I mentioned that we might not have it this year, but maybe next year. At any rate we are due for one. Some still disagree, which is their right.
I’m remembering what stock brokers would say about the market, “What goes up must come down.” Years ago the market was just going up and up; most thought it would not fall, but then it did, big time.I grew up in Buffalo, New York (land of big snowfalls and long winters). We knew every fall that winter was coming, so we would check our boots from last year to see if we needed new ones, check the snow shovels, make sure the snow blower worked. My parents put the storm windows on and we got the house ready for winter. We hoped for a mild winter, but prepared for a typical hard one. 
So let me make this clear. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Go ahead and prepare for a recession. If by some chance it doesn’t come or it’s very mild, you will be far ahead of everyone else and especially your competition. If you want to know what to do, start with my free checklist “7 Proven, Powerful Ways To Increase Income.” Click Here to download it
Years ago my son was a Boy Scout, and we learned the Scout motto “Be Prepared.” Good advice!
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Philip Freedman

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