July 18, 2024


Good Morning  

I have a friend who uses word of mouth referrals as his company’s main marketing strategy. He is the only person I know that this strategy works for. Everyone else fails at this strategy!
To be fair to my friend, he only need 2-3 sales per month. He is a real estate agent. I think if he had a 5 or more sales per month, he would have to hire people to help him, and I’m not sure he wants to do that.
Most people who use the referral marketing strategy are really doing a “wait for referrals” strategy or a very passive strategy. Sort of “if I do a good job, the customers will come” thinking. My question to them is “how’s that working out for you?” In most cases it’s not!
My real estate friend has a system and actively works it all the time. 
If you want a word of mouth referral marketing strategy for your business, then you need to learn how to ask for referrals without looking desperate. You also need to know the psychology behind referral marketing and how to get your existing customers to want to give you referrals. Once you get a referral, what do you do in regards to the referee and the referrer?  Once you answer all these question, and these are only a few of the questions that need to be answered, then you have to build a system and work it all the time. I know, that’s too much work!
If you really believe that it’s too much work, then stop telling people you use “word of mouth” marketing as your primary form and use some other marketing that doesn’t take any work! Oops, all marketing done properly takes work. If you don’t want to do the work getting more customers, then go get a job!
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