July 22, 2024

Selling One to Many

Good Morning

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. As a member of a networking/leads groups you get to do a 15-minute presentation in front of the group. Last Tuesday was my opportunity to talk. We had about 35-40 people which was pretty good for the day after Labor Day. The week before we had over 60 people.

My goals for the presentation were these:

(1) For people just to get to know me.

(2) Get them to know what service I offer.

(3) Give them something that they can walk away with, keep for reference and use.

(4) Collect email addresses.

I was not going to try to sell and close them on using my service nor make an appointment with me. I wanted to keep it low risk for them.

What I did was keep it light by getting them to agree to some minor point such as asking if everyone had a good Labor Day weekend, was ready for cooler fall weather (our temperature has been above 100 for a number of weeks; in fact yesterday it was 104) and if I can use my notes to be sure I cover all the information I want to share.

Then I introduced myself and my company and went into a short bio of how I got into business, followed up with my background and experience to show that I’m qualified to talk about marketing. I also mentioned that I wrote the booklet “The 11 Secrets Successful Businesses Use To Stand Out From The Competition.”

My presentation was the “7 Proven, Powerful Ways To Increase Income.” I just covered the highlight of each point. Beforehand I had placed a card at each seat with the seven bullet points on one side and my services and a 15% off coupon on the other side. The card also had my contact information on both sides. So as I went though each point, the group could read along.

Near the end of my presentation I explained that the full report was available at 7proven.com. I also offered them a bonus, if they gave me their business card and it had their email address on it I would send them my “Ad Evaluation Worksheet.” This worksheet is a tool for evaluating advertising to help them determine how effective an ad or any marketing piece will be in generating new leads. Plus i would also be sending them a marketing tip (this) each week and on Monday a motivating message as well.

After everyone left I only picked up a few of the cards; most people took theirs. And 9 people gave me their business cards, that’s about 25%. So I think I achieved my goals.

In my 15 minute presentation I was selling one-to-many, which is much better than selling one-to-one and more efficient. Also I wanted to sell them the report in exchange for their email address. I sold 25% of the room.

If you get a chance to do a presentation, plan out what you want to accomplish beforehand, script or outline what you want to say, prepare your handouts, develop your offer and bonuses and then follow-up.

If you need help to develop your presentation or you have questions, just contact me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com

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