July 23, 2024


Good Day
I as well as other marketing people have said this many times: “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”
Someone found your web site after Googling one of your key words. They know nothing about you. They have no opinion about you. How do you build trust with them so they will do business with you?
You can include a few items on your web site.
If you are a retail location, you can add a map and pinpoint your address, with contact information that includes your hours. In fact all businesses with maybe the exception of home-based should add a map and hours to their site. Home bases should have contact information (at least phone and email). It helps show that you’re a real business.
You should also add testimonials. Third-party endorsements with people’s names help increase the trust factor. For business to business, include people’s companies as well.
You should also list your membership in the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Better Business Bureau.  If you are an active volunteer and supporter of local non-profits, list that. It might add credibility.
Remember that these can be checked out, so you want to make sure that people know you at these organizations and can vouch for you.
You can also put this information on your business card, literature and other media.
How are you proving to people that you can be trusted?
If you need help or ideas, contact me.
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

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