July 15, 2024

What Business Coaches Won’t Tell You!

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My friend of many, many years, Pat Dougher, has just published a great book on marketing, “Strength Based Marketing: What Business Coaches and Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You!” is now available on Amazon. Here is a link: Click Here For Pat’s Book. His 127-page book is not just another marketing book. Pat has the experience as a small business owner, ranging from start-ups, bank work outs and New Age businesses as well as traditional businesses, and utilizes his processes in his several ongoing diverse businesses.
Pat has also taught over 1,000 workshops to professionals in all 50 states for over 5 years and hosts the television business show “The Business Spotlight.” 
“Strength Based Marketing” gets right to the point. In the first chapter  titled “Creating a Powerful Offer,” Pat makes the point very clear, “Your offer is the granite foundation of your marketing campaign.” He then  writes about what makes a powerful offer, the types of offers and how to create your offer. Other chapters include risk reversals to increase sales, how to double your referrals, creating effective marketing materials, how to use testimonial, how to profit from social proof and more.
Pat has also included a number of worksheets and templates that you can use, such as the testimonial request letter.
You will want to get the $14.97 paperback version (Click Here For Pat’s Book) of the book because you will makes notes in it (little hard to do with the Kindle version).     
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