July 17, 2024

What Makes You Different?

Good Morning

At a leads group I went to we had some extra time and a smaller group, so the leader of the group asked us to tell in more detail who our target market is, not just small businesses, but what kinds of businesses. We have some people in the group who basically do the same thing, which got me to thinking what makes them different, how do they stand out in the marketplace?

My coach and friend would tell us if he lined up 100 businesses that all did the same thing and had them take one step forward when asked if they offered a “unique” service they thought would make them stand out. How long would it take to get down to one company that truly stood out.

Everyone would take a step forward when asked if they provide or offer great customer service. At one time it was who took credit cards or had a web site!

Nowadays it’s important that you can describe who your ideal customer is in graphic detail (the more the better) and who is NOT your customer as well. But just as important is what makes you and your business different from your competition (friendly or not). And let me tell you, it’s not customer service, because as we all know everyone provides good customer service!


I still have a couple of spots open for my consulting service at the special low investment of $50 per month! Yes $50! Instead of $300 that I have charged in the past. Why am I charging only $50? I’m restarting this service, so I need clients. I also need testimonials; each person will be asked to provide a testimonial that can be used to attract additional clients at my regular price.

How would you like to meet one-on-one face-to-face with someone who has over 30 years of advertising, communications and marketing experience to help you with your advertising/marketing. We would meet at minimum one hour per month and a maximum of four meetings of up to two hours each per month.

During our time together you can

  • Use me as a sounding board to bounce new ideas or just to confirm that you are on the correct track in promoting your business.
  • Help you improve the effectiveness of your web site, social media, texting and emailing as well as your networking and in-person presentations or any advertising, marketing, promotional method you need or can think of. 
  • Receive advice on how to use your customer list to the best of its effectiveness. Also I can review the overall plan and flow of your advertising/marketing program or help you develop one and whatever else we can come up with.

The investment is only $50 per month!

If we meet four times per month that’s just $12.50 per session!

30 years of experiences for only $12.50 you cannot afford to pass this up.

I only have a couple of spots left, so if you wait you will miss out. If you want to have someone to help you grow your business and outshine your competition, then contact me immediately at phil@MyMarketingCure.com , or call me at 817-616-5155. If you delay you might lose out on this great offer. 

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If you have a business that is two years or older and would like help keeping your current customers active and away from your competition or would like to make your past customers current again, then contact me by clicking here or call me at 817-616-5155.

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