March 27, 2023


Good Morning Last week I presented you with three choices for my new Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and asked for your input. Thank you to everyone who sent back suggestions. It really helped. Here is the final version for now of my USP: My Marketing Cure helps small established … [Read more...]


Good Morning {First Name} Last week I wrote about my attending Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing: From "Annoying Pest" to "Welcome Guest" Challenge and how I made a list of items that I need to get done. The first item was redoing my USP. Well I wrote it up and I would like your input on which … [Read more...]


Good Day This is a bit off from a marketing tip, but call it a life tip. I learned long ago that when I came across a problem and presented it to my boss, I also had to have at least one solution. It did not have to be the best or the least expensive, but it had to be a solution to the problem. … [Read more...]

Your Business is Boring

Good Day Have you ever been to a restaurant that had good food, good service, but nothing really outstanding? Maybe one so unremarkable you don't really remember the name of the place? If not a restaurant, possibly a place you've done business with, if you can even recall it? They were boring. … [Read more...]

You Got To Be The Lowest Price – Not!

If you have been in business for any length of time, you have gotten the call or visit from someone who tells you that your prices are too high and need to be lower if you want their business, because x business is lower and you need to be lower than them. Well, that has happened to me a number … [Read more...]

Why your marketing is not working

Are you are not getting as many customers in the door these days as you'd like? Well it could be the slow time of the year, the weather, the economy, or it could be your marketing/advertising. Most business owners select their marketing/advertising by which media salesperson walks in the door … [Read more...]