July 17, 2024

Your Business is Boring

Good Day
Have you ever been to a restaurant that had good food, good service, but nothing really outstanding? Maybe one so unremarkable you don’t really remember the name of the place? If not a restaurant, possibly a place you’ve done business with, if you can even recall it?
They were boring. They did not make an impression on you, or you would have remembered them or done business with them again.
We all know that our businesses are not boring, right? Yeah, in our own minds, that is. Most businesses do very little to make themselves stand out, do something extra, unexpected, to make an impression in their customers’ minds.
People want a good memorable experience! It could be how you present your business. I present myself as your doctor of C.A.R.E. and I give out a prescription bottle of lifesavers and write my recommendations on a prescription pad. I also offer a marketing first- aid kit.
It could be how people interact with you and your staff or the after care you do. I know a company that sends their first-time customers a special welcome package full of great things. By the way, their referrals have gone up because of it.
Face facts: Every one of us could do with a booster shot to combatForgettable Business Syndrome. What are you going to do to make yours stand out in your customers’ minds?
By the way, once you do this, you will have something unique and be able to offer a great Unique Selling Proposition!
Until next week,
Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!
Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
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