July 15, 2024

Why They Buy From You

Good Morning


I grew up in Buffalo, New York, in an Italian/Jewish neighborhood. We had a few pizzerias around, and every Friday night my friend and I would go down to one of the pizzerias and split a pepperoni pie. So I can say I grew up on great (New York style) pizza and know good from bad!

Now decades later I get chain pizza and ones from a local pizzeria which are pretty good. Why do I get both?

It depends upon my mood, what’s happening in my life at that moment and whether it’s more than my wife and I sharing the pie.

If I don’t want to wait, am feeding my whole family or don’t want to spend a lot of money, I will get Little Caesars. I can just drive over and they have a bunch of pizzas ready made for people to pick up for a low price.

But if I don’t mind waiting and want a pie that is quite a bit better, I can get a medium size pizza from Dough Bros for a little more than 2 of Little Caesars.

Both companies offer pizza, but by tailoring their product to their customer base they can serve the needs of their customers. Little Caesars customer base wants cheap pizza fast; they are probably not looking for higher quality pizza at a higher price point.

By knowing your customers and meeting their needs, you can be successful.

On another pizza note

I got an Every Door Direct Mailing from Mr Jim’s Pizza (a local chain). By the way this is a great example of using an Every Door Direct Mailer properly. This mailer consists of some coupons that are good for 9 1/2 months and can be used multiple times. The mailer is also a refrigerator magnet with a calendar on it.

What I like is the calendar! It starts in May 2023 and ends in April 2024, so it stays up past December/January when most people throw the old ones away. Now people are locked in to yours. You just have to send out new ones in April to keep them using yours. Same with companies who send out school calendars.

I do have one question: Why did they wait until August to send these out? Three months late!

Till next time.


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