July 18, 2024

Your 30 Second Commercial

Good Morning ;

Over the years I have been to a lot of networking/leads groups. I’ve done breakfasts, lunches and after-hours events. I’ve been to marketing meetings as well. Almost all of them will have everyone introduce themselves. The person in charge says something like: “Please (stand-up) take 30 seconds to introduce yourself and your company. Tell us what you do and who your ideal customer is. Please keep it to 30 seconds (some may give up to 1 minute).

Most people try to keep it to the amount of time they are given, some go over by a few seconds and then there are the ones who really bug me. The ones that will keep talking, going way over. In fact I remember a few who talked for 4-5 minutes as the leader of the group tried to break in to get them to stop. I and most other people at the event don’t want to know all about their product or service! If I did I would seek them out and arrange a meeting at a later time.

These people are being very rude by hogging the time and causing the speaker to cut their presentation short or the event to run over.

Plus, besides being rude and not respecting the other people at the event, they are unprepared to get people interested in their business quickly.

I understand if someone is new to networking/leads groups, but most of these long talkers are people who have attended before, so they should know better.

Years ago a friend explained to a group I was in how to do a 30 second introduction or commercial. Here is what I learned from him:

Either introduce yourself and your company, start with a unusual fact or ask a question. Then state your U.S.P. or tell what your company does and its ideal customer. Restate you name and company, answer the question you asked if you need to and end with your tag line or call to action. All done within 30 seconds!

Over the years I and others have developed memorable 30-second introductions that caught people’s attention, got them talking about it, and got business out of it.

So before you go to your next leads/networking event, sit down and develop your new attention-grabbing 30 second commercial to get you more business.

If you need help creating your commercial, just let me know and I can help you!

Till next time.