July 23, 2024

Your Black Friday Offer

Good Morning,
A week from tomorrow is Black Friday! For most big retailers Black Friday this year is not just one day, it’s every day all month long. They have been have been dripping out Black Friday specials all month long. Walmart had big screen TVs on sale last week as an example of this.
With the pandemic raging and climbing, retailers need the sales to survive, but they don’t want to have a super spreader event.
If you have a brick-and-mortar business and haven’t planned out your Black Friday offering, you still have a bit of time to get it together and get the word out. If you are an online business you too can start promoting your special now; you don’t have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get a jump on your competition now!
If you have a business that can’t or doesn’t want to offer price breaks on your products/services you still can offer a Black Friday special. Maybe a free copy of the book(s) that you or your mentor have written, special gifts or items not associated with your business for new customers. (If you’re in a regulated profession please check with your licensing board to make sure you are not violating any regulations.) Don’t forget your current customer base!
The point is, you still have a bit of time left, if you get to it NOW! If you need help, let me know. By the way, I’ll be announcing my Black Friday special next week so keep an eye out for that announcement.
Till next time.