July 18, 2024

After the show

Good Day
Tuesday, June 5, from 3 to 7 pm, I  had a booth at the HEB Expo, Hurst Conference Center, 1601 Campus Dr. I was on my feet most of that time and I wore the wrong shoes, not the comfy ones, but the ones that looked professional and hurt after 30 minutes.
So why do I do it? It’s a great way to meet new people and businesses. I get to find out what problems they are facing and maybe even offer myself as a possible solution. In fact, I talked to a manager at a large retail chain and we talked about the future of retail. I felt that it will get worse before it gets better and I mentioned Paco Underhill and women clothes shoppers to prove my point. Would we have talked or even found each other on the Internet? Maybe, maybe not, but the retail manager was at the show.
It’s also a great way to press the flesh, read non-verbal cues and people watch. All cannot be done with the internet or other forms of marketing.
You can check out all the other businesses that are there, learn if they might be your next customer, your competition or a new friend. And they want to tell you all about themselves and their business.
Business showcases, trade shows, expo or whatever you call them are a great way to get out, be seen and showcase your business to a group of prospects. All you have to put up with is achy feet at the end of the day.
I am planning to take next week off for a little R &R so I will not be in the office.
Until next time,
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