May 30, 2020

Birthday Promotion

Good Morning (Contact First Name) 

Last night I picked up my free small pizza from Jet’s Pizza. I got the free pizza because I had my birthday earlier this month, and Jet’s sent me a post card with 2 punch-out coupons, one for a small pizza and the other for $5 off any purchase of $15 or more. The first one was good until the end of this month and the $5 off good till October 31st. Two opportunities to try their product.The post card was addressed to me and personalized on both sides with my name in the birthday wish, although my name was misspelled. Jet’s has done almost everything right.What do I mean almost everything right? When I placed my order they did not collect or verify my contact information. The coupon had a small barcode and a number under that. Maybe the barcode is tied back to my contact information, but I doubt it; the barcode is tied to a SKU so the cash register will discount the pizza as a promotion.Now we will see if they do any follow-up communications.They can improve this promotion by either tying in my contact information so they can follow up with surveys and offers, and offering me a bounce back offer to get me to use their product again. (People need to use your product or service at least 3 times before it becomes a habit.)  
A few years ago I ran a monthly birthday promotion for a massage therapist. We offered a free massage and were pulling an 11% redemption rate. With our coaching, the business was able to turn 50% of those people into repeat customers.
If done correctly, free birthday offers are a great way to build your customer base, because everyone loves to get free things on their birthday.
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