July 23, 2024

Getting Business

Good Morning ,
It’s been a long, long time since a business owner could just hang out his/her shingle to attract business. Over fifty years ago when my father was opening his last restaurant, he sent out lots of invitations to the opening. I asked if he thought he was going to be busy and he said yes! I don’t remember him doing any other form of paid advertising. Over the years (25 plus of owning the business) he did very little display advertising. He got some PR over the years and there was word of mouth as well.
I get a lot of emails each week from people who are offering services, mostly technical (IT, internet, design). They just announce who they are and what services they provide and a way to contact them if interested.
The other day I got a post card from a tax service company. I think they were either announcing a new member to their staff, or that they were a new business to the area. I do know that they spent more money than they had to.
So what do these three items have to do with promoting your business?
First, what worked 50 plus years ago does not work today. Just hanging out your shingle and telling people you’re open for business is not going to get you a lot of business.
Second, with all the competition out there today you have to do more than just tell people you are open for business and would like to do business with them. You have to combine a strong reason to use you with an equally strong call to action. It doesn’t matter what media you are using!
Third, talk to someone knowledgeable about media usage before you do anything. You might find out about more effective and/or less expensive methods to reach your target.
Promoting your business is more than just hanging out your shingle and expecting people to flock to your business.
Till next time.