July 18, 2024

Keeping up with your contacts

Good Morning

Last night I got home from my office, checked the mail and got another post card from a pet vaccination service. This is the second or third card I’ve got from them. They get points for sending me multiple cards,but and this is a BIG BUT, my dog Tess died a number years ago and we currently have no dog. This company is using an old list and wasting their money.

Up to 25% of a company’s list changes every year. Situations such as people move, they die, get divorced or married, change jobs and other reasons. That means that within two years up to 50% or half of your prospect list is worthless and out of date.

Using your list to contact your prospects or past customers without keeping it updated is wasting your money. Especial when you send them one email, a post card, a social media post or a pay-per-click ad with no call to action and no follow-up. You are better off just sending your money to me!

I’m not kidding! Most people do one or more of the above without any planning. They just sort of wing it, wasting even more money.

At least when you send me the money, I’ll sit down with you and look at what you have done in the past and are currently doing, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Then we will help you do some planning and budgeting to come up with a cost effective course of action.

Before you take another step to advertise/promote/market your business, STOP, THINK, and PLAN. You will save some money.

Till next time.