July 17, 2024

Marketing Help?

Good Morning;

I was at one of my clients’, dropping off their extra newsletters that we had just mailed out for them. I was talking to one of the owners and their marketing person about them settling in at their new offices.

As I left, I realized something: here is a company that was one of the top franchisees in their franchisor world and is now a growing independent company. I started thinking about the successful companies that I deal with and the not-so ones.

One of the main differences is that the successful ones have someone who coordinates/oversees the marketing/advertising for the company. It could be a person employed full time as the marketing/advertising person or maybe it is someone doing it part-time splitting it with other duties.

But in most cases, it’s the owner doing it when they can, along with all the other jobs they do. Maybe they are able to squeeze in a couple of hours a week to promote their business. Not exactly a winning strategy to build your business!

As a business owner, there are ways to promote and build your business even with all the other duties you have to do. But there are better ways.

The point I would like to make is that successful businesses not only market and promote their business but also have someone dedicated to overseeing and coordinating it on a regular schedule.

So, if you want to have more business, who do you have to help you promote your business? Need help? Just contact me!

Till next time.