July 23, 2024

New Customers

Good Morning,
I’ve written and talked a lot about how you can spend less and make more money by selling more to your existing customer base. I even designed a special program to help businesses sell more to their current and past customers. But this week’s tip is not about that.
What I hear from business owners is that they want new customers, and they are willing to spend to get new customers.
When people buy from a business especially on line they often have second thoughts or buyer’s remorse, which leads them to change their minds by returning a product or canceling a service.
One way to counter this is to develop a welcome package or a series of welcome messages. Your welcome package should wow your new customers and make them feel not only welcome but also look forward to doing business with you. You can include information on your company and policies and what to expect about your product or service. You can even include a welcome gift!
A well-thought-out welcome package can help counteract buyer’s remorse, lower returns, increase sales, promote customer loyalty and maybe give you a customer for life!
Till next time.