July 23, 2024

One Advertising Method

Good Morning,
I was reading a news article, “The ‘rug has been pulled out’: Campaigns flop amid Facebook, Google ad bans” https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/27/facebook-google-political-ad-ban-462948) It described Facebook and Google again banning political ads. That may be good news for the general public but very bad news for campaigns both statewide and local. In Texas we have local elections in the spring, and candidates are already filing to run and start raising funds.
$3.2 billion has been spent on advertising on Google and Facebook in the last two and a half years; in fact, political campaigns have been moving online more and more every year. 
“This is an industry that built itself around Facebook and Google, and that rug has been pulled out from underneath them,” said Tim Cameron, a Republican digital strategist. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see layoffs on the digital side of the industry, as well as shifting to doing different types of work, like digital firms adding more mail or other traditional media to what they do.”
“Right now, if you’re a campaign, you’re really, really worried about how you’re going to raise money online at the same rate you were able to do it when you had access to Facebook ads,” said Tatenda Musapatike, senior adviser at ACRONYM, a progressive digital group.”
Years ago, faxing was all the rage to get your message out. Then one day you could no longer fax businesses without their prior permission. That form of marketing was gone, and lots of businesses were hurt.
If all your advertising/marketing is based on one media or method (faxing, Facebook, Google, internet ads or posts, telemarketing, newspaper ads, Yellow Pages, direct mail) and if that media changes or fails, then you and your business are in trouble. There is an old saying ‘one is the loneliest number.’
The best way to counter someone or something controlling your messaging is to simply use more than one method/media, such as Facebook ads, direct mail, web site SEO, YouTube posts, you get the idea.
A friend of mine always says, “It’s easier to get one customer from 100 marketing methods than 100 customers from one method.”
I can help you diversify your adverting/marketing so you are not caught off guard; contact me.
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