July 17, 2024

The Meaning of Color

Good Morning {First Name},
We all know someone who has a favorite color. You know it because they almost always wear that color and have a lot of items in that color. Also maybe their marketing materials are even in that color! If they could, their food would be in their favorite color – OK maybe not their food, but you know what I mean.
Well color can and does evoke certain responses; that’s why savvy marketers use color wisely and correctly.
To make the proper choice, we must know and understand what color does to our emotions. You might want to print out and display this page so that you have it handy when developing your marketing.
Let’s review:

  • Red creates urgency, causes excitement, and is used for calls to action.
  • Blue is a steadfast, no-nonsense shade that represents trust, peace and intelligence.
  • Yellow captures our attention more than any other color. It is widely used to establish feelings of happiness and optimism.
  • Green points to goodwill and environmental responsibility. Because it is the color of money, it can also represent wealth and/or financial security.
  • Frivolity or whimsy is pink, but it is also associated with joy, kindness and love.
  • While orange is often used to evoke feelings of ambition, originality and new beginnings.
  • Brown is an earthy tone that makes customers feel welcomed, calm and at home with their surroundings.
  • Purple on the other hand is often associated with royalty, prestige and extravagance.
  • Lastly there are gold and silver, which can lend a touch of elegance and prestige and can elevate the perception of status, wealth and power.*

When using color make sure you are using the correct color to convey the feeling and response that you want from your audience.
Like to know more on how to use color to attract additional business? All you have to do is contact me.
Till next time.*Source: “The Power Of Color: Emerging Technologies In The Direct Mail Space by Karen Kimerer March-April 2022 Mailing Systems Technology.com