July 23, 2024

200 Under My Belt

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Four years ago today I sent out my first marketing tip, September 26, 2009.

I have written over 200 tips in that time and would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read them. It has been my hope that you find them informative and helpful in building your business. I would also like to thank my wife, Belia, who every Wednesday night sits down and and edits these tips so that they have correct grammar and are spelled correctly, but also make sense to you.

Below is the 1st tip I sent out. Enjoy!

Your Weekly Marketing Tip


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Week of 9/21/09 DearContact First Name Each week I’ll be sending you a marketing tip that you can use to help grow your business. It will take no more than 5 minutes to read this weekly tip. I hope that you you find them useful. If you have any tips, please feel free to submit them.  You can email me at: TFC@Freedcom.com Have a great and profitable day! Phil Freedman The Freedman Company 817-282-0443

Sending Mail to Clients

When sending mail to your clients the best days to have it arrive  are Tuesday through Thursday for businesses (B-to-B). With Wednesday and Thursday being the best. No one has time to look at it on Monday and Friday we are trying to out of the office.
For mailing to consumers the best days are Thursday through Saturday. The best days are Thursday and Friday. Saturday is a hit or miss day and that depends on what they are doing that weekend. Best advice Go with how you look and read your mail.

Final Note: When sending your information as 1st class mail, give the post office 1 to 3 days to get it in your clients hands almost anywhere in the country. Overnight for local.  Question of the Week:

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