July 23, 2024

Ask questions before you buy

Good Morning,
I hope that everyone had a safe, healthy and great 4th of July weekend! Welcome to summer! This week we in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas will break 100 degrees! Also we started the second half of the year. How’s your sales going? Still on target?
The other day I got a post card stuck in my front door. It was a 5 x 7 full color card for outdoor maintenance (yard service and more). The card gave me a number to call or text (their cell number) web site, Facebook and Instagram names. They are insured, will give free estimates and work with my budget; all good to know.
What they did not give me was a strong reason to call, no great call to action! And it’s not like they did not have enough space, they left the back side of their card blank! They could have added the strong call to action, given me a great offer and added a testimonial that neutralized objections.
I know what you’re thinking, “Maybe it costs more than they could afford to print the second side!” WRONG! I checked with my printer; the cost to print the back side of the card did not increase the cost of the card ONE RED CENT! In fact I checked two other sizes as well, a 4×6 card and a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 card, some of the most popular sizes. The cost did not change whether it was printed on one side (4/0), full color one side and black and white on the back (4/1) or full color on both sides (4/4).
Sure there are printers that charge more for both sides, but that’s a question one needs to ask. (If you’re not sure what questions to ask, about any media purchases, please contact me before you buy!) And if that’s the case, it could be just a few cents more per card. The additional cost could be covered by getting one or two more customers.
Use all the real estate to make your point. Your post card (sale letter, web site, email) is your salesperson! Don’t equip them with only half the tools or information they need to do their job!
If you’re behind on your sales target for 2020, I can help get you back on track. I have programs to get your lost customers back, keep your current customers from leaving and get you new ones who stay. Just contact me to find out more!
Till next time.