July 17, 2024

Being passive doesn’t work

Good Morning,
You’re doing your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn posts on a regular basis. At times it seems that’s all you are doing while running your business in your spare time, yet your likes, shares and followers are not growing by much. Sales have not increased in relation to all the work your are doing.
All your social posts are what I call passive marketing. They depend on people, if they are interested and if they have the time, going to your site to view the post and then having to take an action that your post is promoting. What you need, in addition to your passive marketing, is intrusive marketing. Intrusive marketing is marketing that in simple terms “goes to you.” Types of intrusive marketing include direct mail (post cards), radio and television ads, and targeted social media ads.
This type of marketing is designed to uncover a hidden or unknown desire. An example: It’s the end of a long work week and you’re not sure what to do about dinner, cook or go out? You look through your mail and there is a full color post card from the new restaurant a few blocks away. Or you go to your social media accounts and you see an ad for the restaurant with a special offer. You check out the web site and their menu and now you’re thinking maybe we’ll try it out.
When you got home you did not know what you were going to do or even if you were going out, but the ad for the restaurant uncovered an interest and you took action. Passive social media could not do that.
You need intrusive as well as passive marketing to bring in and keep your customers.
Last week I talked about putting together my book. Chris Hilbert sent me the following email and I thought I would share it with you. “This week’s tips are wonderful!!! Especially the ones about a book!
I have one client I’m always trying to get to write a book, and I use some of the same reasons you gave. After 5 years, he’s gone from “no way, I’m a doer not a writer” to “yeah, I think you are right!”  
Don’t know when it will actually happen, but at least he is now more positive about writing a book!
Can’t wait to read more about your book and buy a copy when it comes out!
This is so exciting!
Sending positive vibes and lots of good wishes!
Till next time.