July 18, 2024

Add Testimonials

Good Morning; We had a hail storm hit my neighborhood during Memorial Day weekend. My son's car's back window was hit by baseball-size hail, which destroyed it and cracked the front window as well. All my neighbors are getting their roofs replaced. We have a roofer we are using and are just … [Read more...]

Review & Testimonials, Skyrocket Your Sales

Good Morning,You've heard the saying, "people do business with people they know, like and trust." Well, here is how you get people to trust you: 3rd party testimonials or reviews. In fact, with good reviews and testimonials you can get people to know and like you.Before you can use your reviews you … [Read more...]

Being passive doesn’t work

Good Morning,You're doing your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn posts on a regular basis. At times it seems that's all you are doing while running your business in your spare time, yet your likes, shares and followers are not growing by much. Sales have not increased in relation to all … [Read more...]

Items to help get customers

Good Morning ,I missed the last few weeks of sending out my tips. For the first one, the evening I write my tip for the week I had car problems, and by the time I got that taken care of and home it was late. The next week was Labor Day and I took off. And last week was my birthday. Plus I needed … [Read more...]