July 23, 2024

Facts about Millennials and More!

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Have you done last week’s homework and checked your web site links to make sure they still work?  If not, what are you waiting for?
Here are some interesting facts that I came across:47% of North American advertisers plan to increase their use of third-party data for targeting in the next two years.
87% of Millennials enjoy receiving mail.
By 2020, Millennials are expected to comprise 30% of retail expenditures overall.
33% of people change their email address annually, and 17% change their email address every six months.
Over 4 million people get married every year; 1.6 million get divorced.
4.2 is the average number of years people are staying in their jobs.
10,000 people retire every DAY! When marketing to Millennials, keep it bite-sized and simple, keep it real – ditch the jargon. Avoid using slang; it can sound inauthentic. Focus on the experience, and make them feel good. Millennials crave experiences over products, so think about your product in those terms. Also they care about social justice and want to feel that they are making a difference.
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