July 15, 2024

Getting New Customers

Good Morning 
Last week I wrote about a way to have a free salesperson to work for you 24/7. This week I want to discuss different methods to get new customers.
I have two friends who were salesmen before they started their own companies so they are used to selling. One likes to do prospecting the old-fashioned way – cold calling. He has developed a system with multiple steps that works for him; in fact his system got him his largest client to date.
My other friend has spent some time doing research about his customers and services and found that he can get new customers by offering his services to what most people would consider his competition. They are not his competition; they offer complementary services. By offering his services through them (white labeling), he gets new customers.
There are a number of other methods to get new customers including profiling/targeting and networking. Most businesses use a combination of methods, but they don’t stick with one long enough to see results. You can use multiple methods, but you have to stick with them.  
What method(s) do you use, and how is it working?
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Philip Freedman

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