July 18, 2024

It’s About You, Not You, YOU!

When I say it’s all about you, I don’t mean you! I’m talking about your customer, client or patient. That means putting yourself into their shoes, feeling what they feel and doing what you need to do to let them know that. If that means keeping your doors open earlier and later so that they can come into your business before and after their work hours.

It also means that you gather as much information as you can about your customers so that you know what they want and need. Then you give it to them.

You also need to stay in constant communication with them. When you tell them about your services and products, make sure that you do it by addressing how it solves their problems or how it makes their life easier, better and more rewarding.

If you, as the old saying says, “walk a mile in their shoes” and then make your business reflect that, then your customers will be more comfortable doing business with you, and your business will grow.

Remember: Your customers are always thinking, “What’s In It For Me?”

That’s all for now!

Till next week – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


The Freedman Co.