July 15, 2024

Lead Generation and List Building

Good Morning ,
I’ve been reviewing some of the writing of my coaches, and one of them was writing about using lead generators and tripwires. Which got me to thinking I have to develop some new lead generators and figure out what I can offer as tripwires.
During my consulting sessions I ask people how they build or capture their lists. Most of time the silence is deafening! Sometimes I’m told how many likes, reposting, retweets they get, ‘OH WOW’!
How many of all those likes, reposts, retweets, etc. converted into sales that put money into your bank account and pocket? What I get is either silence, “I don’t know,” or a repeat of how many likes they got. As a friend of mine who runs her very successful coaching business by using Facebook told me, “Facebook likes don’t pay your bills.”
What you have to do is move them from social media to your web site by offering a lead generator.
A lead generator is a free report, checklist, template, spreadsheet, infographic, or anything that your prospects would want. You offer this in exchange for their information, usually name and primary email (so a link can be sent to them to download the item). Now you can market to them, and as they get to know, like and trust you, you can offer them a tripwire and more.
If you would like to discover more about lead generators and trip- wires and how to use them for maximum effect, just contact me.
Till next time.