July 18, 2024

Major Direct Mail Rule and Need Help

 Good Morning

Today I would like to go over one of the three most fundamental rules of direct mail – getting your mail piece opened. If you send out just postcards you can skip to the end. If you don’t use direct mail, then you need to start. Remember: Google uses direct mail to push businesses to buy online ads. (What does that tell you?)

Never assume that your envelope or self-mail will be opened; just because it’s from you is not a good enough reason to open it.

 On an envelope you can opt for the “sneak up” approach and have it look like personal mail. But it must be executed perfectly with nothing to give it away.

When addressing the mail piece, it must be correct. I get mail addressed to Phillip Freedman which is not my name, or Philip Freeman, or Phil Freedom. The one I like the best is Philip M. Freedman; I use that one a lot (not).

 If you identify yourself as the sender and the mail as commercial mail, then go ahead and go to the limits and put on teaser copy and add testimonials to the outside. Get them curious about what’s inside. Also use both sides of the envelope.

How about using lumpy mail? A client recently put a crayon in with his letter and later sent a key with another letter. What can you tie in?

 Here is a bonus – no matter how good the envelope or outside of the self-mailer is, it has to be targeted to the right people. It has to be for “ME” and/or of timely and relevant importance TO ME and/or from someone I want to get mail from or curious about getting mail from. It has to be about me the receiver. It’s all about ME, not you and your stuff!


 I need your help. I am doing research into the concerns of people age 50 and above with regards to their financial well being for the rest of their lives. What are your 1 or 2 concerns about retirement? You can reply to this post by emailing me at tfc@freedcom.com with your concerns.

 Thank you in advance for your help with this project.

Your comments are always welcome, send them to tfc@freedcom.com.

 Till next week – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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