July 23, 2024

Making Your Ads Relatable

Good Morning

There is an old saying, “all politics is local,” which is true. If you don’t connect with the voters and their issues, they don’t vote for you.

When President Truman ran his whistle stop campaign, he appeared at the back of the train and started by acknowledging the local movers and shakers by name, their politics, individual history, gossip, the town’s main businesses, restaurants, problems and news of local economy. He related to his listeners in an intimate, personal way. He got their attention by showing he was interested in them.

My house’s X date is upon me. The X date is the date that my homeowners insurance renews. Therefore I get lots of letters showing me the low premiums I can pay from agents I have never heard of before.

What does an old political campaign and my X date letters from insurance agents have to do with your business in 2022?

Author and direct marketer Don Jackson stated:

“People will buy from you for four reasons only: (1) PRICE and/or (2) SERVICE and/or (3) QUALITY and/or (4) EXCLUSIVITY. If you have the lowest price available, they will buy. If you offer excellent quality, they will buy. If you offer great service — quick delivery, easy returns policy, guarantee of satisfaction, marvelous merchandise, pleasant and helpful sales representatives — they will buy. If your product or service is unique and available from no other source, they will buy from you.”

I would like to add one important reason that comes before Jackson’s four reasons: Relatability!

If you don’t want to sell on price alone, then you need to sell on points 2-4 of Jackson’s reasons. And you need to be able to have your prospects relate to you and you to them. If you do not do this first then your marketing/advertising is trash (which happened to the insurance agents’ letters) and a waste of your money.  

Is your marketing/advertising relatable and does it showcase your service, quality and exclusivity? If not or you are not sure, then contact me at once so we can make sure it is!

Till next time.