May 22, 2024

Marketing Recipe

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I grew up in a restaurant. My parents owned and ran restaurants most of their lives. Everything from a deil through a tablecloth restaurant with bar. I mostly bused tables and worked the dishwasher. But over the years I did a little bit of everything except work the bar (I was too young).

One thing I remember is that when my father wanted to add a new item to the menu or was developing a special, he would make it and then offer samples of it to his regular customers to see what they thought of it. Did they like it, did it need anything, would they order it? He had to get enough yeses to the last question before he would offer it, first as a special to see how it did and then as a regular item.

There were many times that he would have to play with the recipe to get it just right before he could offer it to his customers.

The marketing of your business is like my father offering a new item to his customers. You start with a basic item or items that might work, but can it be better or more cost effective. So you tweak it here and there until it does what you need it to do. Then you add other items to it to, as in my fathers case, create a full meal, or in yours, an effective marketing campaign that brings in customers.

Yes, you can play with your marketing recipe getting the combination of items, the order of items and the amounts so it’s the most effective at achieving your goals. If you need help with getting your recipe to be the best it can be, then you need to contact me ASAP, by replying to this email or by clicking on this link

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