July 22, 2024

People waste a lot of money on advertising

Good Morning
I was going through some of my advertising/marketing reference materials to develop a couple of new products and got thinking about why most advertising does not work. Here are the mistakes most businesses make and the correct method.
Who are you selling to?  Unless you’re selling pizza, Chinese food, or you’re the local auto repair/oil change shop, maybe the local dry cleaners and maybe a few others, then not everyone is your customer. So why do businesses (maybe you) spend money advertising their products/service to people who will not, cannot or won’t do business with them? That’s what you do when you spend on ads in Valpack, Money Mailers, etc. that are non targeted unless you use them correctly.
You need to develop a profile or avatar of your best customers and then you can duplicate them. A lot of businesses will do this but then make the big mistake of not spending the money on purchasing a quality list or lists. They buy quantity and price instead of quality.
The next mistake is the message. Next week I’ll cover the type of message businesses put out and how to correct the message mistake.
Till Next Week –

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