July 17, 2024

Prove Customer Service

Good Day
I have a cold, so I went into the office late on Tuesday, then left around 1:30 Wednesday to try to recover at home. About 4 I got a call from a client; they needed a number of sets of color copies for a presentation today. If I did them in the morning as I had planned to do, it would be too late for them.
What did I do to help the client?
I stayed on the phone with them until I got their email with the PDF file. I got up, went to the office and printed up their copies, with color sheets between each set. I took everything to my home so I could crash and they could pick it up later that evening. They were driving by my freeway exit to go somewhere else.
OK, what does this have to do with proving you give good customer service?
1st, you have to really give good or, even better, outstanding customer service. 2nd, you have to do more than just say you give good customer service (no one will believe you), you have to promote it.
There are many ways to promote your outstanding customer service; you just have to pick a few and run with them.
Until next week,
Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!
Philip Freedman
Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
P.S. I will be opening a new company, “My Marketing Cure,” 
early next month. This company will focus on offering 3 levels 
of consulting/coaching marketing services for your business.