July 22, 2024

Stop, Look and Listen

Good Morning  

This Month TEXRail started service between downtown Fort Worth and DFW Airport. It passes through an upscale city and most  if not all the crossings are “quiet zones.” A quiet zone is where the train cannot blow its horn when coming up to a crossing (a safety warning), too much noise. As I was reading the newspaper (the printed version, not online) there was an article about the train crossing and the neighbors. I remember one women who was complaining about the bells at the crossing ringing every time the train went through. It was too much noise for her. Now the bells, the flashing lights and the crossing arms are there to get the attention of drivers and get them to stop before they cross onto the tracks and into the path of an oncoming train. I hope she does not get her way to silence the bells. By the way, the tracks were there before the homes.
My friend Dr. Malcolm Upton is finishing work on his book “SILVER BULLET MARKETING,” and I am reading the preview copy. He starts off telling his story and what happened to him the first two years he was out on his own. It was, he said, an “Epic Fail.” He had  no marketing experience. Malcolm quoted an old wives’ tale, “If you build a better mouse trap they will beat a path to your door.” You have heard it before; maybe at one time it was true, but not anymore. I’ve known many a former business that had a great product or service, spent most of their money on getting their doors open and then waited for people to show up! The key word here is “former”!
OK, what do these two stories have to do with each other and your business? Like the train crossing, you have to make noise and attract attention if you want people to notice you. In the crossings case, if it doesn’t get your attention you could wind up dead!
No matter how good your product or service, people will not just show up to do business with you! They don’t find out about you through osmosis. As Malcolm so effectively stated, “if you don’t have effective marketing to let people know you exist, the grass will grow roof-high and you will starve waiting for customers to show up.”
So how are you calling attention to your business? Is it enough to get people to stop, look and listen?  
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Till next time, Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action NOW!

Philip Freedman

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