July 17, 2024

Stop Send Out Junk Mail

Good Morning
The other day a letter came to my business. It had my company’s name on it, but it was addressed to someone else. The name on it was someone I don’t know. As if that were not bad enough, the sales letter assumed that the person it was addressed to was interested and wanted their product for our company. Their product and the demographics for their product does not fit my company.
This is “Junk Mail” and this is why direct mail gets a bad reputation. People don’t want stuff that does not apply to them and couldn’t care less about.
The company wasted money and showed it does not care about their customer base. They could not be bothered to get a list that matches their demographics, with the proper names at the company. Nor did they take the time to craft a sales message to that market. They just basically said, here’s what we sell; call us to place your order.
There were no reasons why I should buy or even why I should use their company nor why I needed their product. Total waste of money!
Don’t do what this company does. Plan out your marketing, profile who your ideal customer is and then tailor your message to them. Do this, and you and your business will be welcome guests and not unwanted pests!
Till Next Week –

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