July 18, 2024

Wasting Money Foolishly

Good Day
I usually do not name people or companies in these tips, but this week I will.
Around December 27, I got a very cute and interesting sales letter from Kelly Peterson of Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet in Fort Worth. It was a form letter, but it was in a very nice handwritten font on what looked like lined notebook paper (one sided, the back was unlined and blank). It was addressed to my old business name at my home address. It was also in a plain #10 window envelope with no return address, just a meter strip that indicated it was presorted standard mail (bulk mail).
I opened it, read the letter, but was not interested in getting a new car. I kept the letter for my swipe file. It was a great letter!
On or about January 10, I got another letter (same letter), this time addressed to myself at my home address. Everything was the same except this one started “Dear Philip,” unlike the one to Freedcom, Inc. which started “Dear ,”.
Today I got home to find 2 more letters (same letter again). One addressed to me again and my old business and one addressed to my wife. Four total letters (all the same) over a one-month period.
Kelly and Bruce Lowrie made at least 3 mistakes and wasted their money.
Do you know what the mistakes are? Tell me what the mistakes are; from correct answers I’ll draw a winner for a Starbucks gift card. Just reply to this tip with your answers by Monday, February 5th to enter.
Next week I’ll announce the winner, the mistakes they made and who you can keep from wasting money as they did.
Until next week,
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

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