July 18, 2024

Who’s Your Demo?

Good Morning ,
A couple of days ago I went to my first networking event in over a year. It was lightly attended, which was good for me as I was a bit rusty.
As I talk to people, one of the questions I ask is, “Who is your demographics or your customer base?” Most of the time I get a somewhat good description of their customers; their response also tells me they know who they want as a customer. After the other night I’m going to refine the question to: “Who is your ideal and/or most profitable customer?” (They might not be the same.)
What really gets me is when someone tells me, “Everyone is our customer.” This tells me that they don’t know who their customers are, much less who the profitable ones are, which makes it harder to have a successful business.
I can go on at length about why everyone is not your customer and that you don’t want everyone as a customer. Let me say this: It’s bad for your business and could destroy it.
When someone asks who your ideal customer is so that they can refer them to you, make sure you have a good answer.
If you need help discovering your best or ideal customer or would like to duplicate them, contact me for more information.
Till next time.