July 17, 2024

You want to go whale hunting !

Good Morning
Hunting for whales using dog whistles? What? I’m mixing metaphors or will be. Let me explain. A whale, to use the Las Vegas term, is a big spender. This person is one of your top customers.

How would you like to have most of your customers buy like your top ones? It’s possible.

You need to use a dog whistle get the the attention of the whales.  What? A dog whistle is a whistle that only dogs can hear, and it gets their attention very quickly. So what you want to do is to develop words and phrases in your marketing (on and offline) that will attract the attention of whales or people like your top customers and not really get noticed by others.

That’s how you use dog whistles to go whale hunting! Would you be interested in a workshop on learning how to find out who your whales are and develop and use dog whistles properly to get the attention of more whales? If I get enough interest, I’ll put one on tentatively called  “How to Use Dog Whistles to Hunt Whales”.

Till Next Week –

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