July 17, 2024

Your Customer Is

Good Morning
Wednesday, I went to an after hours mixer held at Miguelito’s that was sponsored by the HEB Chamber. While I was there, I met Suzy Black, CNC, of Hidden Youth Wellness Center. We started talking, and she asked me how much it would cost to send out some post cards. I gave her a general price and told her that if she was planning to do one mailing, then she would be wasting her money. Suzy agreed with me and told me that she does a radio program each week, so she knows about repeatedly going after your targeted market. This led to the question of who her targeted market was.
Also at my leads group, Sheldon Dennis, formerly of Fish Window Cleaning, talked about focusing very narrowly on who your targeted market is.
So I guess it’s a sign about what I should write about. So who is your targeted customer? Sit down and think about who your most profitable customer is. That’s who your customer base is, not everyone else. As you sit there, write down a description of your customer. Be as detailed as you can be. In fact, create an avatar. This will all be very helpful next time you go to market/advertise your business. You’ll save money by going after just your targeted customers and not people who won’t or can’t do business with you.
Need help getting started in figuring out who your best customers are? Then contact me at: Phil@TheFreedmanCompany.com.
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