July 15, 2024

You’re Lazy!

Good Morning

You must not like me and don’t want my business! True, I’ve stopped coming into your store and buying from you. But I’m trying to keep expenses down, I’ve been busy, and sometimes it’s been inconvenient and and and….
Do you know that the number one reason businesses lose customers is that the customer forgets about the business? It’s not that they move or their lifestyle changes or they find a better price or service or a competitor steals them away! No, it’s that the customer forgets; stuff happens in their lives and keeps them busy. 
It’s up to you to stay in contact with them! And that does not mean just putting some stuff up on your Facebook page! It’s not my job to keep up with what’s new on your page. Do you keep up with what’s on your customers’ pages? Or better yet, your vendors’ pages?
First of all, asking your customers to like your Facebook page is NOT a long term winning strategy; it’s lazy. I’ve been in many businesses that had a sign up asking you to like their Facebook page. 
By the way, liking a business’s page is an easy way for the competition to find out what a business is doing as they are doing it and making it easy to counter. 
Most businesses make no effort to get anyone’s information so they can stay in contact with us. Then again, maybe they don’t want to stay in contact with their customers.
Every business needs to build their customer database to advertise and market to. With your database you can see which customers haven’t been spending money with you for a while. You can contact them to find out why and counteract it with maybe a special offer to get them back in. It shows that you cares about their customers. You can also contact your customers, them keep them informed about your business and specials without your competition countering it in real time.
So what are you going to do, be lazy and leave it to Facebook postings or build your database, planning out your customer contacts, keeping them engaged and spending money with you instead of someone else?

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Philip Freedman

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