July 17, 2024

360 View of You

Good Morning,
A friend and business coach, who was also business manager for a home inspection company, used to say that she wanted her customers (real estate agents) to see her company name wherever they looked in their office, 360 degrees. She had items for the walls, the desk and elsewhere and was always coming up with new items that her customers could use in their office and even in their cars. She wanted to make sure her company was always top of mind.
Having her company name always in view helped in bringing in repeat customers and grew the business. She started with one item, and each year or so she added another item. If you were one of her customers, after a few years you would have a number of items with their company name on it.
One of the best items to start with is a monthly print calendar. You might be surprised at how many people still use these. My wife has a magnetic one on the refrigerator and X’s out each day. There are all kinds of formats and styles from small desk to large yearly planning wall calendars. There are even calendars that can be personalized with your customer’s name on every month. Bet they will not throw that calendar out! Once up, they tend to stay in place for a full year. That is 12 months/365 days that your company name and message is invading the minds of your customers.
Look around your office. I’ll bet there is a calendar somewhere within view and it doesn’t have your name on it. Isn’t it about time your customers were looking at your name all the time?
Till next time.