July 23, 2024

Benefits vs. Features

Good Morning,
Last week I wrote about the 5 words you should always ask your prospects if you want them to open up about their real needs. This week I want to go over what you should ask yourself as you develop your advertising messages.
Last week a new client sent me his post card announcing the opening of his business, the services he was offering and an introductory special.
I looked at not only the design but also the content. Since it’s a new business, I did suggest that he include a map on the post card to show people exactly where the business is located.
On the content side he listed almost all the services that are offered and what they do.
When I first started out in sales I learned about features and benefits. People care about the benefits that your features offer them not the features themselves.
As I learned about this, I also learned that there were at least 3-4 levels of benefits. The top 2 levels are the really obvious benefits: they will make your life easier, you will be able to do this quicker or it will save you money. As a business owner you must always look at your features from your customers’ point of view and show them how they will benefit from a feature.
I’ll tell you right now that getting to this level is hard work and takes some thinking.
But I was taught a great short cut. When you list a benefit, then ask yourself the following “what that really means is…” or “how that affects you (my customer) is…” You keep asking yourself until you can’t think of any more answers. At which point you probably are at the base level of benefits.
These are the benefits that you use in any and all your advertising whether it’s online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, podcasts, etc.) or offline (print, direct mail, displays, etc.).
Remember, your customers and prospects are selfish; they don’t care about you or your business! They only care what you or your business can do for them and whether it meets their needs. WIIFM! Would you like to make your advertising better and increase response? I can review it and make suggestions. If you’re interested just contact me.
Till next time.