July 17, 2024

Color helps sales

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 
Market Researchers have found that color affects shopping habits:
    • Impulse shoppers respond best to red-orange, black and royal blue.
    • Traditional shoppers respond best to pastels, pink, rose and sky blue.
    • Budget shoppers respond best to pink, teal, light blue and navy.
Color can also have positive and negative associations and reactions as to how the eye and mind sees the color. As an example, let’s use green. The eye sees it as clear and moist; the mind sees it as cool, natural and aquatic. The positive associations and reactions: clarity, St. Patrick’s Day, money, science, life and spring. The negative associations and reactions are ghastliness, disease, fear, guilt and jealousy.
When planning your marketing, be aware that color has meaning and can move people toward or away from your offer.
Also you should know that black on yellow has the highest legibility followed by green on white, blue on white, white on blue and black on white.
Make sure that you’re using the right colors with your messages and that your messages hit home with your audience.
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