July 17, 2024

Getting Your Customer Back In The Door

Good Morning ,   
Two weeks ago I wrote about the steps you need to take as you start to reopen your business or if your business has been open. These included using all media to announce your hours, capacity, and precautions your business is taking to insure the safety of your customers. Hopefully you did that. If your customer are rushing back to do business with you, don’t read any further and go help all your customers.
If your business is not packed to whatever levels local government has allowed, keep reading and then take action. If you don’t want to take any action, again, stop reading and go do something else with your time, because you sure don’t want to build back up your customer base.
Now for all of you who are still reading, here is what you can do next to get your customers back into your business.
Remember back about 2 months ago, I told you all to clean up your customer list? Well now take your cleaned up list and write a letter to them explaining that you’re now open and outlining the steps you are taking to insure their safety. In your letter you also want to include a great irresistible offer that will drive them to come to your business. Using mail merge, personalize the letter, put it in an envelope and mail (using a $.55 stamp) it to them. Do Not Use Email! You want it to look and feel as if you wrote it just to them. 
If by some chance you do not have their address but have their email address, then you can send them an email explaining that you have a special gift in addition to your irresistible offer that you would like to send them and have them either email back their address or have them go to a special landing page that will capture that information. Then you have to send them the letter along with a special bulky gift. Their reason for giving you their address.
If they don’t show up after the letter, then you follow up with a series of post cards and emails and a personal phone call to remind them to come in to redeem their irresistible offer.
Remember this is just to your current and past customers and not to everyone in the world, so no Facebook or other social media posts. You want your customers to feel like VIP’s, which they are! 
If you need or want help putting this together, please let me know. I have different packages available depending on your budget and needs. 
Till next week, stay healthy,
Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action NOW!

Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
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