July 18, 2024

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Good Morning ,
The holiday season is upon us so I thought I would share some marketing facts to help you get your message out. Remember the pandemic has more people shopping online!
Having your consumer offer expire 10 days before Christmas will increase open rates by more than 35%*.
Mentioning “Holiday Offer” in the subject line increases open rate by 38% vs. non-holiday offer.
During this time, sending MORE email, NOT LESS is critical. You need to stand out. Open rates increase when you send out at least 6 emails per month, B2C up 17%, B2B up 22%. Right now, major retailers are doubling the amount of emails they are sending. Why? Because they know that they need to stand out and stay relevant!
The holiday season is NOT a terrible time for B2B email marketers. Content offers in Q4 related to “Future” (whitepapers, reports, etc.) have a 21% higher download rate vs. other quarters.
“Look Ahead” emails sent in Q4 have a 40% higher overall conversion rate.
When you use “2021” in your subject line, your open rates increase 22% for B2C and 28% for B2B.
Now you know some ways to help make the rest of this season successful.
Till next time. *All data provided by Worldata, Boca Raton, FL,