July 23, 2024

Leads/Networking Groups

Good Day
Before I get to this week’s tip, I am doing research on the size of email contact lists belonging to people and/or businesses. Please email me at Phil@TheFreedmanCompany.com  with your total number of contacts and I’ll email you back the 2016 Email Marketing Calendar, which shows the best days to send out your email. This calendar includes B2B as well as B2C and is based on over 30,000 campaigns (3 billion transmitted messages).
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Networking groups are packed with people this time of year; so to get everyone introduced, people are limited to a 30 second commercial.
What I really hate is the person who runs 3, 4 or more minutes telling us everything about their business. Folks, we don’t care! Remember the old radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).
The point of the 30 second introduction is for you to introduce your self, your company and to uniquely position both in the market so that people remember you and want to talk to you later.
Here is a simple method for developing your introduction.
Start with your name and company name, then fill in the following blanks. We help_____ (group of people) do_______(the benefit) even if______(worst case, but believable scenario). End with your name and company.
Here is an example:
 Hello, I’m Phil Freedman of the Freedman Company. We help small business owners who need more customers so that they don’t end up with more bills than money at the end of each month, even if they have no time or idea of what to do to increase business. I’m Phil Freedman with the Freedman Company.
The group of people should match the group of people you’re talking to and give a benefit they can relate to and finally remember. Not everyone is, can afford or want to be your customer.
Until next week,
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 Philip Freedman
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