July 18, 2024

Marketing Like A Political Candidate

Good Morning ,
Earlier this week I was at the post office dropping off a mailing (bulk mail) for a client. As we were completing the paperwork, one then another and then finally a third mini van pulled up, fully loaded with political mail. The mailer had about 3 different candidates they were mailing for. I think one candidate was mailing about 50 to 60 2-foot trays (one tray could hold about 400 post cards – 20,000-30,000 cards total). These mailings were for the March 1st Republican statewide primary (Texas).
It got me to thinking 1) I wish they were my customers, I could use the money. But more importantly 2)They’re using direct mail. Most of these candidates also put up signs as well as run television and radio commercials and have big social media campaigns. So why use “snail mail” to get the message out?
I’ve been a part of running or mailing for a lot of local political candidates as far back as the late 1990’s. There are a lot of marketing lessons that you can learn from people running for office.

  • Candidates have a very limited time frame (urgency).
  • They have to introduce themselves to the voting public (know, like and trust).
  • They get people to vote for them (Have a strong call to action).
  • They know who their market is and target them.

The candidates also use multiple mailings (some have been accused of flooding people’s mailboxes). Why? Because they know it works. Especially for local candidates with small budgets, it gets the candidate’s message into the hands and therefore the minds of the voters.
Do you want to be the winning candidate with your customers? If so then contact me so we can develop your winning campaign strategy.
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