July 18, 2024

Top Of Marketing

Good Morning

I hope that everyone in the U.S. had a Great 4th of July Holiday!

I was at a networking lunch where the spotlight speaker Shanda Kohtz of Good Water Good Life did not talk about her business but instead talked about tangible touches. Tangible touches are physical things that you send to customers/prospects such as greeting cards.

Tangible touches should be part of your Top of Mind (TOM) marketing strategy or what my friend and business coach Christia Trantham calls 360 marketing!

For years I have heard people (including myself and my family) say, “I forgot about that business” or “I wonder what happened to that business?” The one that gets me is, “I can’t understand how they went out of business; they were such a great business!”

By having a Top of Mind strategy you help prevent these type of statements being made by your customers/prospects and losing business.

When developing your TOM marketing strategy, make sure you include intangibles as well. You never know what will capture the attention of your customer/prospect and bring you more business, whether it’s the tangible or intangible touch.

By the way, this is an intangible touch! Want to know more? Just reply to this tip!

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