July 15, 2024

You Need A Website!

Good Morning

I’m old (there, I admit it), but not that old! I know lots of people who are older. I also know a lot more people who are younger. As I talk with people about their marketing/advertising, I’m surprised at their lack of knowledge about how to present their business.

Years ago when I was first starting out and even before when I ran my early business in the 1980’s, I learned through reading marketing/advertising/promotion books. (Way before books on audio or Youtube.) That, if you have a business you need the the following; a business phone line, a business address, business cards and a brochure about your business with contact information on it. The brochure could be used as a leave-behind along with your business card.

A leave-behind is just what it says it is. After visiting a person or business you would leave them a business card for their rolodex and a brochure for them to read. They were used to keep your business information in front of them.

But that was then; this is now! People still use printed business cards. Contrary to what some 20 something businesspeople think, not everyone uses electronic cards or exchanges cell phone information. Lots of people might not want to clog up their phone with a first time meeting.

Unlike the business card, the brochure has in most cases fallen by the wayside. The web site has replaced the brochure. A website gives a business the legitimacy and respectability of being a real business.

When people hear about a business, whether by meeting someone or some other means, they either Google them or go to their website to learn more about the business. If you do not have a website or a filled out Google business page, then people will think you’re not a real business and wonder if they should give you their money!

I know some people will tell me that they have a Facebook page instead of a website for their business. That’s great to have IN ADDITION to a website but it’s NOT A SUBSTITUTE!

If you are running a real fulltime business then you need a real stand alone website. Websites are the brochure of years past! It’s past time to get with the program.

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