July 23, 2024

#1 Best Way To Get Customers

Good Morning
Would you like a great way to build your business?  Of course you do!
As my business coach always tells me, “speaking in front of a group is the number one way to build your business.” I know when I talk or give a presentation (Plug: if you’re interested or need a speaker for your group, let me know; I’ll get you a list of topics I speak on.) my direct mail and marketing consulting business picks up. Speaking helps present me as the knowledgeable person that I am and convinces people that they want to have me help them promote their business.
Now I know what you’re thinking, “but Phil, I can’t speak in front of groups and what would I talk about?”
Are you one of those people who would rather have a root canal or go through a tax audit than do public speaking?
You can take a class in public speaking at your local community college or public school’s continuing education program. If those options are not convenient, how about Toastmasters?
I’m an introvert. In my early life, I was photographer that liked working in a darkroom with no one around. In college, as part of my degree program, I had to take public speaking. That helped a lot. But two events really helped me be able to speak in public. One was getting a job as a salesperson for a radio station. Every day I had to go out and talk to strangers. The second was having my own business and being its main and most of the time only salesperson. Those two pushed me out of my shell and got me over my fear more than anything else.
Now what about you? Are you willing to use the #1 marketing tool to grow your business?
By the way, if you need help figuring out a topic for your presentation and how to develop it and its supporting materials, just call, email me or reply to this email.
Save time and stress!
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 Philip Freedman
Your Doctor of Customer Retention