July 18, 2024

30 Seconds, That’s All you Got!

 Good Day 

The other day, my chamber leads group did critiques of members’ (those who wanted to) 30-second commercial presentations, also known as your elevator speech. 

While I was at Dan Kennedy’s InfoSummit, I heard John Carlton explain how to develop an effective elevator speech to get people to to ask the next question. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with John, here’s a little background on him. 

John Carlton has spent over 30 years as a copywriter, 20 of those working with legendary copywriting genius Gary Halbert. He has penned game-changing direct-mail packages for the largest publishers and marketers in the world. A number of his ads – including “The One-Legged Golfer” – have achieved classic, iconic status.

 Below is his method for developing an elevator speech:

Fill in the blanks:

Position yourself or your business uniquely in the market to sell__________________ 

“We help ___________(group of people) do ___________(the benefit) even if________ (believable worst case scenario).”


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Now if you’d like, write yours and share it with me. I’ll post it here next week and on my web site. 

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Till next week – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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